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There have been a number of variations of Texas Hold’em poker commonly dealt in public cardrooms and over the Internet. Like Hold’em, the variants have been structured in a similar way with poker players receiving pocket cards followed by the flop, and two additional community cards. Omaha The most common variation of Hold’em has been Omaha, which has been played and structured in a similar fashion to Hold’em poker but with some key differences.

Each player would receive four pocket cards; there would be a betting round, followed by a three card flop, another round of betting, then fourth and fifth community cards, each would be followed by a round of betting. At showdown each player would have to be two and only two of their requirement that a  player would use two pocket cards that would confuse people familiar with Hold’em. (In Hold’em poker, your hand could use two, one or none of your pocket cards.) To see the new consequences of the two pocket-card rule, you would have to imagine that your initial hand consisted of all four Aces. Would you bet and see the flop? No, four Aces would be a terrible starting hand and would have to be folded.

Only two of those Aces would be playable the other two would be dead and would never appear on the board to improve your hand. Reading the board in Omaha would be especially challenging because you would need to  figure out which two of your four pocket cards to play. You should imagine you were holding a king of diamonds, king of hearts, five of diamonds,  seven of hearts and the board were to have a king of clubs, a four of spades, an ace of hearts, eight of hearts and a six of spades.

What would your hand be? At first glance, you would be thinking trip kings, but if you were to consider all the possibilities, you would see that your five and seven would complete and eight-high straight.

Pocket Cards:

The Board:

The high hand would be an eight-high straight. Now you should consider holding an eight of hearts, a nine of diamonds, ten of diamonds,  jack of spades and the board were to have a six of spades, seven of hearts, queen of hearts, hack of hearts and four of hearts. You would be starting a long time before figuring out that all you would have only use two of your cards:

You couldn ’t complete the flush because you would have to use two of your cards.

Pocket Cards:

The Board: