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  For people who have been making a living from poker, low-limit games would not have generated enough income. There wouldn’t have been enough money on a low-limit table to live on, and you couldn’t   have won more than the available amount of money.You might have thought that the only difference between 2/4 dollar Hold’em poker and 20/40 dollar was the additional zero, but that would not have been the case.

  As the stakes would have been raised, money would have increased in meaning because attitudes towards money would not scale. If you would consider asking a middle-class person earning 50,000 dollars per year to give you ten dollars you would be more likely to get it. If you were to ask a Fortune 500 CEO earning 50 million dollars per year for the same   fraction of their income, 10,000 dollars, and it would be unlikely to be given to you.

  The greater the dollar amount will be, the tighter people will be. This attitude change would carry over into high-limit games. While many poker players would pay to see the flop when it would be only a dollar or two, behavior would change when it would be a twenty-dollar bill. 

Strategic Considerations for Tight-aggressive

  Primary reasons for the game – competition, money.

  Money – people play to win.

  Competitiveness – high.

  Safe Assumptions:


  Poker players would normally have good cards, but you should be careful.They would mix things up and you should, too.


  You would have to play your position correctly and should expect that the others would be doing the same.


  Would be high in relation to the pot size. Tight-aggressive poker players would bet and raise to protect their hands.  You would not be allowed to limp in with mediocre cards when they would have strong hands.

  Number of players

  Three to four players, the two blinds and maybe one or two callers. Just as in a tight-passive poker games, the fact that fewer hands will be played will mean that high cards and high pairs will stand up more often.

  Most Important Factor:

  Opponent’s playing styles

  To gain an edge you would have to pay close attention to the people.

Tight-aggressive poker players will have underlying reasons for their actions, which on a rational level would make sense. These people will not be governed by their emotion of the moment like loose-aggressive poker players often are. If you could discern their plans and strategies, it would be possible or you to gain an edge by anticipating their actions.